Ashton Cross



Bleary-eyed and grungy, Ashton had a perpetual rumpled look about him. His hair was rarely combed and stuck out at gravity defying angles. His clothes were over-sized hand-me-downs typically accented by some cartoon character on his shirt. Nine times out of ten he could be found sprawled over some piece of furniture with a joint in his mouth and a remote in his hand. The rest of the time his head would be stuck in the fridge.


Ashton is Elwood Cross’s cousin. He was studying psychology at the University of California San Judas until he ran into some financial problems and dropped out. He lost his job at the pharmacy after he was caught filching pills.

Ashton is a major stoner but can be remarkably astute at reading people. He is a kind man but his life is a little aimless at the moment.

Ashton Cross

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